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22 Jul 2003: phpMaint Taken Down...

As there are very few people visiting the site and the fact that phpMaint needs a little reworking to show it's full potential I have temporarily removed the ability to download the program.

Please contact me if you would still like to beta test the program.

26 Jun 2003: The site is finally up!

It has taken a very long time to get this site up, but it is now here. I will be adding to it as phpMaint progresses. The latest news about the project can always be found here.

06 Jun 2003: phpMaint undergoes some changes anticipating the next release...

I have added features which include the ability to choose the database and table you wish to add, delete, update, or search through the web interface, and the option to display a banner for new users describing how to use the program at the top of each page. Testing is underway thanks to Rassnor, a very helpful beta tester!

23 May 2003: The first version of phpMaint has been Released!

phpMaint provides XHTML compliant add, update, delete, and search forms for non-relational MySQL database tables. Release .9 marks the initial release of this already well formed project. Read more.

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